Dance (Ages 4-12)

4-12 years old

Let your child learn to dance from qualified instructors in a fun environment.

Does Your Child Love to Dance?

When kids are very young – even as babies – they have a natural desire to get moving when they hear music. Our dance classes help kids learn the basics of dance in a nurturing environment where every child’s inner dancer has a chance to shine.

Kids need physical activity to be healthy – and you need a convenient way to get your kids involved without feeling like you spend all your time in the car chauffeuring kids from one place to another.

That’s where our Apexx dance classes come in. Kids love to dance – and we pride ourselves on delivering what parents need: fun, kid-friendly classes that teach your kids while also giving you a break from all the running around.

Dancing makes kids fit and healthy

Dancing is great exercise – and it’s fun! Most kids love to move in time with music, and dance classes are the perfect way to help them improve physical coordination and stay fit.

Dance is a workout that doesn’t feel like a workout. If your child needs physical activity to get them off the couch and away from video games, dance classes are the perfect solution!

There’s plenty of scientific evidence to suggest that learning to dance is good for the brain. In dance classes, students learn to coordinate hearing and movement – something that helps their brains to grow.

Kids’ brains are malleable and they need stimulation and direction. Our qualified dance instructors will help your child to learn and grow in a fun and stress-free environment.

One-stop entertainment for the whole family

As a parent, you may struggle to get your kids from one place to another. Parents love our “one-stop” answer to kids’ activities.

Offering dance classes and martial arts under the same roof makes sense to us. Kids who are interested in both disciplines can take classes in both, and parents can cut down on the chauffeuring and enjoy watching their kids learn.

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