Basic Skillz - (Ages 6-9)

Improved technique

We really begin focusing on proper martial arts & exercise techniques at this stage in your child's journey. Your child may struggle with fine motor skills such as writing, finger placement, knee placement, or foot shaping at this age, We work on developing healthy habits that lead to proper technique and use.

Recall of information & confidence

At this age your child most likely recalls information easily when there is no pressure; however, when you add stress or anxiety, they can often forget this same information. It’s very common and completely normal, we work with your child on managing their nerves and building their confidence so that they can recall information even when it’s a challenge.

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Boosting Self Esteem

At this age, children begin developing fears. Fears of pain or failure. Your child is unwilling to try new things or take on new challenges unless you encourage them to do so. We’ll show your child what they’re truly capable of by improving their self-esteem and confidence in everything that they do.

Team Building & Healthy Competition

It’s easy at this age for children to expect fair play and easily point out when someone chooses to break the rules. We’ll focus on team-based games that encourage leadership, fair play, and working together. We’ll also practice cheering for others and encouragement.

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