Extreme Skillz - (Ages 11-17)

11-17 years old

Increased Motivation

You may notice as your child becomes a teen that they also become fatigued by seemingly everything. Suddenly taking out the trash is the most exhausting task for your teen. This is because the rate at which their bodies and minds are developing is rapid, and truly sapping away at their energy supply as a result. We use forms of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation to keep your pre-teen or teen engaged and excited about health and fitness.

Goal Setting & Decision Making

Your child is learning massive amounts of information at this point in their life. Like little sponges absorbing water, every day they absorb everything from algebra, social media, social cues, the environment cues and so much more. Your child has become an expert at recalling information and now it’s time to develop their critical thinking skills. We work with your child on goal-setting & decision-making skills in class each day.

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Confidence & Self Esteem

You may notice your child developing fear out of craving social acceptance at this stage of their life. They become fearful of things such as what to wear, how to walk, talk and so much more. We focus on encouraging your child to try new things, perform, and compete in front of others to develop their confidence & self-esteem.

Improved communication

You may notice your child struggles to speak with people they don’t know yet or is too shy to speak in front of groups. We encourage our students to help demonstrate, lead instruction in small groups, perform, volunteer, and so much more so they can continue to practice their communication skills each day.

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