Early Skillz - (Ages 4-5)

4-5 years old

Muscle Control & Balance

Your child at this age is still developing and trying to understand how their body moves. You may notice they are clumsy & fall over often. We’ll teach your child how to maintain balance, develop control, and practice coordination.


At this stage, we really begin working on memory with your child to develop them intellectually. We’ll be giving your child 3-4 steps regularly in class to memorize and practice.

This is great for memorization in school, as well as following directions at home!

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Healthy competition

Your child at this stage of their life will often try to win to earn your approval. They often gain a massive confidence boost through winning, but take losing very hard.

For emotional development, we’ll practice healthy competition in class and learn how to encourage friends along the way.

Team Building

We’ll play tons of fun team-building games that teach following directions, encouragement, and team building.

Socially your child is learning how to work with others and listen to multiple directions at a time.

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